10 Writing Websites That Pay $50 or More

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1. Funds for Writers

Funds for Writers is an award-winning website that helps writers earn more money from their work through grants, contests, writing jobs, publishers, agents, and more. Head straight here for writing awards.

  • Submission guidelines: https://fundsforwriters.com/submissions/
  • Pay: $60 for original articles and $15 for reprints. You can expect the money via PayPal immediately when your submission is accepted.

2. Inkwell Editorial

Inkwell Editorial teaches freelance writers and self-publishers how to make more money through writing. The well-known site has been an industry favorite since 1999. Your guest post must have something to do with the blogging, freelance writing, affiliate marketing, or self-publishing niches.

3. Writer’s Digest

Writer’s Digest is the #1 magazine for writers. They talk about the writing life, staying inspired, improving the writing craft, and publishing challenges. The advice extends to fiction, nonfiction, essays, poetry, articles, and more.

4. Make a Living Writing

Make a Living Writing provides practical advice (and jobs) for freelance writers. Carol Tice started the website in 2010 to help writers find better pay. She’s looking for topics on blogging, copywriting, ghostwriting, marketing, and just about anything else writing-related.

5. Be a Freelance Blogger

Be a Freelance Blogger is exactly what it sounds like: a website that helps writers earn more money through blogging. They want articles related to freelance blogging or relevant side topics with at least 2,000 words.

6. Barefoot Writer Magazine

Barefoot Writer is a freelance writing magazine with advice and job listings. They aim to show writers hot and current opportunities, paid writing gigs, and tips on the world of writing. The lineup includes sections like Productivity Secrets, Cool Tools, and Become a Better Writer.

7. Income Diary

Income Diary launched in 2009. Ever since it has helped tons of writers each year. They want articles on creating websites, SEO, driving traffic, making money online, and content creation. Current needs include an SEO expert to write blog posts for between $150 and $300 per post.

8. WOW! Women on Writing

WOW! Women on Writing is an ezine that promotes women writers, authors, editors, agents, publishers, and readers. They also have quarterly writing contests and offer help with book promotion.

9. Write Naked

Write Naked is a go-to website for creative writing. They’re looking for pitches during their limited open period. They want interviews, publishing trends, writing essentials, “Day-in-the-Life of a Writer,” and “Behind the Pen” posts from 450 to 600 words.

10. Writers Weekly

The Writers Weekly website accepts contributions about selling your writing or making money as a writer year-round. They’re looking for features, marketing secrets, and author or book backstories. Articles should be around 600 words.

Do you want more writing websites to pitch?

To save you time searching for perfect opportunities to pitch your idea, I created an ultimate list of websites to pitch. The full resource is only available for BeWrit subscribers. But you can sign up to access the list for free anytime.



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